Dispute Resolution

Helping you achieve the best possible outcome

When it comes to a dispute, we will establish what you want or need to achieve, keep you fully advised as to likely outcomes and negotiate where necessary on your behalf to resolve the issue.

When a resolution cannot be reached, we will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy with a commercial focus on the outcome of the dispute, keeping you fully up to date as to how things are progressing and the costs that may be involved.  

Commercial & Corporate Dispute

Unfortunately, with even the best laid plans, things can go wrong.  This may be in the shape of contractual issues with suppliers, disputes with competitors, fraudulent transactions or shareholder disputes. You may need us to act fast to secure an appropriate injunction, you may wish to mediate in order to resolve a dispute, or you may have to issue or defend proceedings.

We have experience in a large number of sectors and will work closely with you to formulate an appropriate response and strategy in respect of any dispute.  

Debt Recovery

Non payment of invoices and debts can have a devastating impact on cash flow and business operations as well as being time consuming and stressful to pursue.  Often a well worded letter from your solicitor is enough to ensure payment but when it is not, we can advise on the different legal methods available to ensure the debt is paid.

If needs be, we can manage the complete debt recovery process enabling you to concentrate on your business, including dealing with statutory demands, County Court judgments and High Court enforcement.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in financial difficulties and struggling to pay debts, our insolvency  specialist can advise you in respect of  Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), debt management and any contested debts.

Solicitors in Dispute Resolution


Tanya Seevaratnam


Chris Ward


Mark Hodges

Practice Manager