Insolvency & Restructuring

Working to get the best possible outcome from an insolvency situation

Our insolvency work encompasses every stage of the insolvency process. Our team is sensitive to the pressures you will be under as a business owner at risk of insolvency and if you find your business unable to pay its debts, we urge you to seek urgent advice so that we can try and help you either avoid insolvency or achieve a better outcome than liquidation.

We also advise insolvency practitioners and directors in connection with their duties once a company has been placed in insolvency. We can assist with obtaining assets to maximise the return for creditors, transactions at an undervalue, preference transactions and claims against directors.

Our insolvency services include:

Insolvency Assistance

A business that is in financial distress or is insolvent often involves multiple stakeholders and may require a number of different services. Whether it’s advice about entering into administration, liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings, or whether you need to recover and secure assets and recover debts, our experienced team is able to assist. Read more…

Director & SME services

Our team can assist with business rescue services with a view to stabilising the business and returning it to solvency. We can also assist with director breach of duty, transaction at undervalue, preference and director disqualification claims whether you wish to bring such proceedings or are responding to them. Read more….

Personal bankruptcy and debt recovery

If you are personally unable to pay your debts, we will advise you on the implications of personal bankruptcy or an individual voluntary arrangement, and where necessary, we can assist with the process. We can also help with personal debt recovery. Read more…

  • Administrations
  • Liquidations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Director Disqualification
  • Company and Individual Voluntary arrangements
  • Asset recovery and misfeasance proceedings

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